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Doggy Christmas Gifts

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

With the holiday season fast approaching, many of you have probably started Christmas shopping! (I know I sure have) And if you’re anything like me, you feel bad if your four-legged family member doesn’t have anything to open on Christmas morning. There are so many pet products out there, so what should you get your dog for Christmas?


While regular toys are great, a step up is enrichment toys! Enrichment toys come in all shapes and sizes. Many of them involve the dog having to figure out a way to get food out of the toy. Things like treat balls, or puzzle toys offer your dog mental stimulation and fun at the same time, and give you a tired pooch!


Your dog is part of your family, a great gift for them is bringing them on an adventure with you! That might be bringing your dog out for a day of shopping (see a list of dog-friendly stores on our website), or take them on a hike to a place they’ve never been before! Check out the Open Hikes we host once a month on our website or Facebook page, the location changes each time! These kinds of activities provide mental stimulation and build your bond with your dog.


No dog is too old to learn new tricks! Give your dog the gift of some training sessions! Training not only strengthens your bond with your dog, you will have a whole new skill set to work on and improve on which is a great excuse to spend more time with your dog. You will end up with a happier, healthier dog and relationship! Take a look at the training classes we offer on our website!

This Christmas, go outside the box and give your dog a gift they will really enjoy! Mental stimulation improves your dog's mood and mental health. You’ll enjoy a long, healthy relationship with your dog:)

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