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Breeah L

K9 Pack leader & K9 Nanny 

Breeah's Pets:  Shiloh Shepard/ Lab/ Collie mix and Bubs the bunny

Favourite Activities: Travelling, camping, and spending time with family 

Fun Fact: My goal is to become a canine rehabilitation therapist!


Hi I’m Breeah! Ever since I can remember I have always wanted to work with dogs. Previously I worked at two different kennels and loved having the opportunity to work with dogs daily. To expand my experience and gain a different perspective working with dogs I began studding canine rehabilitation and started working for CK9. I am enjoying the deep dive into canine health and I hope to improve the lives of as many dogs as possible in the future!

My dog, Shiloh, lives at my Mom's house and she's a big bundle of perma-puppy excitement. I rescued a bunny, Bubs, when I was starting high school and he is now 5 years old! In the future I hope to raise a dog on my own and I can't wait to bring him to work with me when that time comes! Growing up with dogs is something that I will always cherish and my love for them has led me in a career where I am passionate. 

Working with your dogs is something I look forward to everyday so thank you for giving me that opportunity and trusting me with your loved furry family!

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