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We check in when you can't!

Day Visits/Dog Walking

Home visits include letting out for relief, play time, feeding, neighbourhood walk, and additional tasks upon request.

Quick Stop, 20 minute - $16.50

Maintenance, 40 minute - $20.25

Workout, 60 minute - $24

Additional Dog, same home - $5

Taxes not included

Loyalty 10 Passes

Quick Stop - $148.50

Maintenance - $182.25

Workout - $216

Additional Dog, same home - $50.85

Loyalty 10 Passes are pre-paid passes that are only offered to regular clients who book a minimum of one walk per week giving you 10 walks for the price of 9!

Taxes not included

Other Pet Visits

Pet visits include feeding, water, cleaning (litter/cages), spending time with pets and additional tasks upon request.

Cats (1-3), 20 minutes - $16.50

Cats (4+), 20 minutes - $20.25

Inquire for other pets (rabbits, birds, rodents etc.)

Taxes not included

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Looking for overnight boarding or in-house dog sitting?


Overnight stays and boarding are available upon request by K9 Club members only. Contact us to find out more about the K9 Club!


Is your dog looking for a little bit more from their walk?

Check out K9 Pack!