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Day Visits/Dog Walking

Home visits include letting out for relief, play time, feeding, neighbourhood walk, and additional tasks upon request.

Quick Stop, 20 minute - $16.50

Maintenance, 40 minute - $20.25

Workout, 60 minute - $24

Additional Dog, same home - $5

Taxes not included

Loyalty 10 Passes

Quick Stop - $148.50

Maintenance - $182.25

Workout - $216

Additional Dog, same home - $50.85

Loyalty 10 Passes are pre-paid passes that are only offered to regular clients who book a minimum of one walk per week giving you 10 walks for the price of 9!

Taxes not included

Other Pet Visits

Pet visits include feeding, water, cleaning (litter/cages), spending time with pets and additional tasks upon request.

Cats (1-3), 20 minutes - $16.50

Cats (4+), 20 minutes - $20.25

Inquire for other pets (rabbits, birds, rodents etc.)

Taxes not included

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