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Have you had a fantastic time with us here at CompleteK9?  We are always looking for testimonials to add to our website so we can grow our pack with more enthusiastic dog owners and their pups! Please feel free to submit a review below. If you had an excellent experience with a particular team member that you want to write about, we will gladly add it to their 'Bio' page. 

To write us a review on Google, please search 'Complete K9 Inc' and click 'Write A Review' in the Google Business bar to the right of the page.

Thank you for your kind words!

Chloe the golden
Pack Walk Client

"We have been using Complete K9 services for our very active, excitable golden retriever since she was a puppy! Her favorite days are when she is picked up for pack walks. All of the staff have displayed incredible training and respect for our dog and our house. Heidi has been extremely flexible and accommodating to our every busy and adjusting schedule. We couldn't imagine having our dog without this service and the incredible staff at Complete K9! Life changing. It should also be noted that they have excellent no dog bullying policies and training, so we are never worried about our dog and excited she is able to enjoy safe dog and human company!"

Georgia Flatt via Google Reviews

"Pure excellence! 


My dog has been going for pack walks with this company since he was a puppy. He is two now and the happiest guy! Its amazing how they know each dog's personality and work with them accordingly. I have never experienced such a dedicated group. We are thankful for all they do all the time. The pack walks in particular are my favorite thing. Dogs and their dog friends allowed to "just be dogs."

This in my opinion is so important. Heidi, Kelly and their amazing crew are the most loyal, dedicated and helpful people I've had the pleasure of dealing with. My dog loves each and every one of you.

I'm lucky to know them and my boy is even luckier.

Shout out to Kayla. .compassion PLUS you"

Julie Hentges via Google Reviews

Jia the Shepherd
Pack Walk Client
Molly the Lab
Pack Walk & Training Client

"We love Complete K9. Most importantly, our dog LOVES the Complete K9 staff. Our Molly greats them with kisses and barks and literal squeals when they arrive to take her for walks and cannot get out of the house fast enough with them!


Molly is a rescue requiring rehabilitation when she arrive with us seven years ago and trust was slow to be earned. I promise you, she would go nowhere with Complete K9's staff, let alone let them in the door of our house if any of them had harmed her. Molly is also a dog who can't be crated well and has high anxiety and abandonment issues. It is a relief how well she has bonded with the staff, so when we are preparing to leave for a trip that she can't come on, I can now say, 'You wait for Jackiy' and she will go lay by the window and watch for her, calmly. Molly LOVES them all so much, and enjoys every minute of her time with them."


Laura Wallace Jarvice via Google Reviews

"The CompleteK9 team is the absolute best!! They treat our puppy Cee Jay like she’s their own. 

We have done our puppy class with them and now use them twice a week to give our puppy the exercise she loves! Cee Jay just loves the Pack Walks and I love how great she is with other dogs as a result.

I couldn’t imagine going through a week without them! Sometimes even emailing them last minute after a schedule change and they never hesitate to make it work!

Complete K9 - you rock!!!"

Michelle de Jong via Google Reviews

Cee Jay the Vizsla
Pack Walk & Training Client
Betty the Lab
Pack Walk,
Nanny & Training Client

"As soon as we brought Betty, our yellow lab home at 8 weeks, we called Complete K9 Inc. we had heard great things about the business through a friend and fellow dog owner. I was so impressed when Heidi came out that same day to meet our little pup. We scheduled Betty in for daily 20 minute walks during the work week and it was the best thing we could have done. it helped Betty learn to walk on a leash and to become well socialized with other people and dogs.


At 10 weeks, Betty joined the puppy class. Again, this was very worthwhile. We learned some excellent training techniques and were able to expose Betty to a variety of situations as each class was at a different location.


Betty now attends pack walks twice per week. She loves these pack walks and is so excited when the staff members come to pick her up. Added bonus - we come home from work to a calm and happy dog. we've also used Complete K9 nanny services when we've been away on holidays, which is excellent.

I can't recommend Complete K9 enough. This service has been instrumental in helping us shape Betty into the well socialized, lovable pup she is today. Thank-you Heidi and team!!!"

Maggie McTaggert via Google Reviews

"Heidi, Kelli, Bronwyn and all the complete k9 team are simply amazing. Through the individual training and now the pack walks, our sheltie, Jack, has become far more self confident. We used Complete k9’s home dog sitting service while on a recent vacation and not only did Jack get outstanding care, but our home was left immaculate when we returned home. Finally there is nothing better in the middle of a work day than to get a smiling picture of Jack running with his pals. Thanks to Heidi and team for being part of our family!!"

Lynn Roy via Facebook

Jack the Sheltie
Nanny & Pack Walk Client

"I did not think my love and passion for dogs could be exceeded until I met the team from Complete K9 Inc. I use this organization for both training and weekly pack walks (which is my dog’s favorite thing in this world). I have had the pleasure of meeting every member of Heidi’s team and it is very evident how selective she is in choosing them. These are some of the best people I know and highly recommend having Complete K9 services be part of your dog’s life!"

Peter Giardina via Facebook

Kali the SHepherd
Pack Walk & Training Client

"We’ve been with Complete K9 since the very beginning! Over the past seven plus years, we’ve used Heidi for housesitting, training and pack walks. 

We have one young dog (Barkley) and one senior (Molly). The one thing I love the most about Heidi’s team (Kayla, Jackiy, Kelli) is that they are able to provide pack walks to both while honouring Molly’s age. Our dogs are so excited to see them each week, they can hardly contain themselves. 


Our dog (Barkley) had an accident last month during their pack-walk and the professionalism of our dog walker Kelli was remarkable. Our veterinarian even took the time to call us to say we were lucky to have such a dependable dog walker that knew exactly what to do under such unfortunate circumstances. 

Heidi and her team are nothing short of amazing with our dogs! xoxo"….

Penny Strickland via Facebook

Molly the Golden
& Barkley the doodle
Nanny & Pack Walk Clients
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