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Have you had a fantastic time with us here at CompleteK9?  We are always looking for testimonials to add to our website so we can grow our pack with more enthusiastic dog owners and their pups! Please feel free to submit a review below. If you had an excellent experience with a particular team member that you want to write about, we will gladly add it to their 'Bio' page. 

To write us a review on Google, please search 'Complete K9 Inc' and click 'Write A Review' in the Google Business bar to the right of the page.

Thank you for your kind words!

Finn the doodle
Pack Walk, Nanny &
Training Client

"We have been using Complete K9’s services since 2021 and cannot recommend them enough. Heidi and her team have been incredible to work with, are so knowledgeable and always there to help. What you’ll get with CK9 is not just dog training, but a community.


We did a private session and completed their SST program in the late spring of 2021. Since then, we have been attending weekly socials in different locations and have gotten great exposure to different areas and situations to a point where I can take my dog anywhere and I know he’ll be fine to go.


We also do weekly pack walks and boarding through CK9. The ongoing support and reinforcement of training has been incredible. Not only did we get our obedience down, we learned what Finn excels at and have built a relationship and bond that I have never had with a dog.  I’ve also learned so much about dog behaviours and how to advocate for my own dog in situations. I will be bringing any future dogs to CK9 and look forward to continuing to work with them!!"

ivana Gavrilovic via Google Reviews

"We have a 3-year-old German shepherd and have been using complete K9 since she was just under a year old. Heidi and all the girls are amazing. We've been signing her up for pack walks and sometimes individual walks. They do an excellent job of scheduling walks so that you get what's best for your dog and their needs and personality. Charlie's has made such huge improvements with the time and training they've invested in her. They also give us tips to help train her at home. They send pictures after each walk, the one I included is an example, with descriptions of how our dog did which are so helpful. I can't recommend this company highly enough."

Sarah Lang via Google Reviews

Charlie the German shepherd
Pack walk & Training Client
ENZO the german shepherd
Pack Walk & Training Client

"I’ve only trained one dog so far with CK9 but I am so happy to have found them! This is the perfect setup. Once you have completed initial training, you are welcome to join monthly group hikes and play groups with like-minded dog owners, that have also completed the same training. I trust these owners, dogs, and trainers so much. Even though my Shepherd initially displays typical protectiveness when I am present, everyone trusts each other during these outings. I have also boarded him and sent him on pack walks and I definitely feel I have gotten my money's worth from the start. I highly recommend."


Alexandra Wight via Google Reviews

"The CompleteK9 team is the absolute best!! They treat our puppy Cee Jay like she’s their own. 

We have done our puppy class with them and now use them twice a week to give our puppy the exercise she loves! Cee Jay just loves the Pack Walks and I love how great she is with other dogs as a result.

I couldn’t imagine going through a week without them! Sometimes even emailing them last minute after a schedule change and they never hesitate to make it work!

Complete K9 - you rock!!!"

Michelle de Jong via Google Reviews

Cee Jay the Vizsla
Pack Walk & Training Client
Betty the Lab
Pack Walk,
Nanny & Training Client

"As soon as we brought Betty, our yellow lab home at 8 weeks, we called Complete K9 Inc. we had heard great things about the business through a friend and fellow dog owner. I was so impressed when Heidi came out that same day to meet our little pup. We scheduled Betty in for daily 20 minute walks during the work week and it was the best thing we could have done. it helped Betty learn to walk on a leash and to become well socialized with other people and dogs.


At 10 weeks, Betty joined the puppy class. Again, this was very worthwhile. We learned some excellent training techniques and were able to expose Betty to a variety of situations as each class was at a different location.


Betty now attends pack walks twice per week. She loves these pack walks and is so excited when the staff members come to pick her up. Added bonus - we come home from work to a calm and happy dog. we've also used Complete K9 nanny services when we've been away on holidays, which is excellent.

I can't recommend Complete K9 enough. This service has been instrumental in helping us shape Betty into the well socialized, lovable pup she is today. Thank-you Heidi and team!!!"

Maggie McTaggert via Google Reviews

2023-03-17 (1).webp

"Complete K9 is incredible. Every person on their team is knowledgeable, friendly and supportive.


We recently went away on holidays and they dog/home sat for us. What a huge stress off our shoulders to know our dog would be so well cared for and loved. They surpass all expectations with every encounter, training session and walk!"

Kim Davis via Google Reviews

Duke the Pointer mix
Pack walk & Training Client

"Nova is an affectionate but energetic pup that I re-homed during the pandemic. Not knowing her actual breed and needs, I was a tad overwhelmed with how to manage her. Desperate, I reached out to Heidi at Complete K9 for help.


After a few training sessions with Heidi and a pet sit with Katie, I am so encouraged to see Nova's progress in being able to walk properly and regulate her excitement.


We still have a ways to go but the guidance and training provided has been invaluable. Nova has the potential to be a well-behaved dog but without help I was lost as to how to achieve that."

Bunny Ninaber via Google Reviews

Nova the shepherd mix
Nanny & Pack Walk Client
Paw Prints
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