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Katie S

K9 Pack Leader & K9 nanny

Certified in Pet First Aid 

(2022 - Walks 'N' Wags Pet First Aid)


Katie's Pets: Chato the rescue Chihuahua , Axolotls: Tarzan & Jack, and Cats: Axel & Diesel

Favourite Activities:  Travelling and adventuring

Fun Fact: I'm a REMT - Registered Equine & Dog Massage Therapist

My name is Katie and I’m a graduate from the University of Guelph in Equine Management and the D’Arcy Lane Institute of Massage.


In 2019 I started my own business as an equine and canine massage therapist! Travelling and new experiences are some of my favourite things, so I am always up for an adventure.


I have a loving home made up of two Axolotls, two cats that I hand-raised from only a day old, and one rescue Chihuahua mix that I’ve loved for 5 years. I have been working with dogs for 20 years and have loved every minute as a Pack Walker for Complete K9!

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