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k9 Unleashed

Dog Training in the ReaL World 
WITH Real Life Results!

From puppy foundations and group classes, to private in-home sessions and behavioural modification... we do it all! We want to help you and your K9 become an unstoppable pair that can accomplish anything together.


Let us help you become the ultimate dream team through our various training programs made just for you!

Our training method

Our training is referred to as a balanced approach and we utilize a martingale collar accompanied by a 6ft leash in our training - NO treats, toys, or bribes!

We reward our dogs for a job well done with physical touch, verbal praise and play; essentially you are the reward for your dog! Unwanted behaviours are managed with redirection or interruption with the leash that activates the collar. We do not punish dogs for doing something wrong, instead we set expectations and provide leadership for desired behaviours.

The main focus of our training is to build a deeper bond between you and your dog, and we feel this method yields the deepest connection!

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In-home training 1-on-1

with a trainer

(Level 1)

Puppy Play & Learn


7 week in-person course with extensive virtual content

All classes held outdoors in different locaitons throughout KW

(Level 1)

Street Saferty Training

Pre-training private session,

7 weeks in-person group classes, & 5 bonus drop-in passes

All classes held outdoors in different locaitons throughout KW

(Level 2)

Paw Prints
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