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Street Safety Training

training and socializing in real world situations

Get outside and train your dog in the real world around everyday distractions!

Learn how to be the ultimate team with your K9 partner and create the most unique and amazing bond. No treats, or masking -- just you and your dog growing together.


This is not just basic obedience; this is lifestyle training and it will change both your lives! 

This course will help any dog behaviors including; reactivity, loose leash walking, socialization issues, separation anxiety and anxiety in general, over-excitement with people and dogs, off leash skill training for any dog. This course is designed for ALL DOGS and ALL NEEDS!

Street Safety Class Training Package


  • 2-hour introductory Private Training

  • 14 1.5-hour classes

  • 5 drop-in classes  (for continued training)

  • Martingale Collar

  • 6 Foot Leash

  • 30-Foot Long Line

$1275 plus tax for one dog.

Additional dog, same household - 25% off

$956.25 plus tax for Level 1 graduates*

*** ALL classes are held outdoors at a variety of locations throughout KW ***

2023 SST Classes


  • April 3rd - FULL

  • May 29th (Mon. & Thurs. 6pm/ 7:30pm) - FULL

  • July 31th (Mon. & Thurs. 6pm/7:30pm) - FULL

  • October 10th (Tues. 6 pm & Saturday 10 am)

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What You Learn:
  • Basic obedience (i.e. sit, stay, come, etc)

  • Overcoming common behavioral issues (i.e. excessive barking, jumping, separation anxiety, chewing, nipping, etc)

  • Eliminate pulling on the leash

  • Socialization with other dogs and proper greetings

  • Socialization with people, infants/children and teaching safe interaction with your dog

  • Safe street crossing, and safety in public places

  • Dog body language

  • Urban agility - fun way to exercise your dog's body AND mind

  • Building a bond based on mutual respect

  • Patience training

  • Confidence training in REAL world scenarios

  • Off-leash training

  • And so, so much more!


Important Information about SST...


  • For dogs 6 months and older

  • All sizes, breeds & skill levels are welcome to join anytime

  • Classes are held twice weekly in various OUTDOOR locations in Kitchener-Waterloo

  • No treats, gimmicks, or masking - just REAL-LIFE RESULTS

  • Come when you can and when fits into your schedule! (we recommend coming as consistently as you can so you can get the most out of the training)

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