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Tails From The Trails - Derby

Today Derby showed how much of an amazing dog he truly is. He’s always so well behaved and good out with me, but today we were walking up a very steep hill and he saw me struggling to walk up the last quarter as it was steeper with a little less traction. Without asking he came to walk beside me and I held his collar for stability. Then when I hit a patch of ice, I fell and immediately let go of him before starting to slide down the hill. Derby ran down the hill, passed me, and laid down in the middle of the hill to stop me from going any further. I would not have believed any dog would do this if I hadn’t experienced it first hand with Derby. He was so happy and proud of himself that when I had stood up he was jumping around and trying to give kisses through his muzzle. He truly is a great dog!

- Pack Walker, Kayla Mooney

Derby has worked with Complete K9 since he was 6 months old. He came to us for walks while his owners were at work and he had a blast! When he hit adolescence, Derby grew to be a little cocky with his pack mates and dubbed himself pack leader. As this self-proclaimed leader he would challenge the walker and over correct dogs that did not need his correction. This is common during the adolescent life stage of a dog and many don’t realize the importance of training during this phase; although, Derby’s owners were on top of it! Young Derby worked in private sessions with our head trainers, completed Street Safety Training and attended Open Hikes with his pawrents. It was a lot of hard work, but now his owners and walkers get to enjoy adult Derby and their close bond with him.

Moral of the story is every dog is good, but if you train and build a bond with them you will reap the reward of a well trained and emotionally intelligent canine companion!

It's never too late or too early to start training your dog so please feel free to contact us ( if you need help or want a fun outlet for your best fur-iend!

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