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What's In Your Bowl?

For all those raw feeders out there - show us #whatsinyourbowl

If you know our staff dogs and have read our last raw food blog, we are a huge supporter of raw fed dogs! There are many different ways to accomplish raw feeding so we wanted to share a few different views of raw: as a supplement to kibble, pre-made meals, and DIY meal prep.

Raw as a Supplement to Kibble

As much as we support raw feeding, we totally understand that there are circumstance in which some owners choose to feed their dogs kibble. Good quality kibble can provide proper nutrition and convenience, but you can always change things up with a meal replacement raw chew!

Depending on the size of your dog and their chewing ability, there are a variety of items you can buy for a meal replacement on occasion, such as: a whole quail, duck feet, turkey necks, goose heads, pig tail, cow ears, etc. You can purchase these items at your local Rens Pet Depot and Pet Valu, or you can find local small businesses that source local livestock such as Finnegans Deli or @wildcarnivoreraw (on Instagram).

Pre-Made Raw Meals

Pre-made raw meals are the most common method for feeding raw and it's essentially 1) buy, 2) thaw, and 3) feed. This is another great option, but sometimes this method could use some spicing up! You can always add raw chews and meal replacers, but with pre-made raw meals it's easy enough to change up how the dog eats their meal. For example ditch the regular bowl and freeze the meal in a Toppl (something similarly durable) or a lick mat for added enrichment at dinner time.

DIY Raw Meal Prep

Now DIY raw can be the healthiest as well as the cheapest option for raw feeders, but it does require a lot more preparation. One of our staff, Kayla T, has accomplished this with her dog J. Instead of a company combining the appropriate amounts of bone, organ, and mussel in a pure with supplements, as a DIY'er you buy all the items and combine them yourself into daily meals for you pup. This means they get a constant variety of food items and there's greater textures (i.e. full boned items to chew rather than processed bone pieces).

We would love to know what type of raw feeder you are and what your dog's meal looks like! Take a photo and share it with us on Instagram or Facebook using #WhatsInYourBowl.

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