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Tails from the Trail - Summer Edition

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

The summer is a great time to be out on the trails with the dogs. Beautiful weather, so much greenery and of course, swimming!

Animals Galore!

We’ve got lots of furry (and not so furry!) creatures that join us on the trail this time of year. So many things to hunt and to chase and to (hopefully) not kill. One of the less common things spotted on the trail this summer was a snapping turtle, and yes I said ON the trail and not in the water! We were walking around the pond and turned the corner and there he was! A big snapper taking up the entire trail!! The dogs had no idea what the thing was and were very curious, but we made a beeline out of there so no one got snapped! Needless to say, that was the last time I walked that trail this summer!

Another common occurrence in summer time is dead animals.. These are less exciting experiences and always result in someone needing a shampoo before they go home! One of the worst encounters with dead things happened this summer when one dog went running through a field and came back proudly holding some organs and intestines in his mouth. This was a first experience for me and all I could do was scream! Luckily enough he was startled enough to drop it and then we ran for our lives and hoped no other dog wanted a tasty snack!

Learning to Swim

Some dogs have their first swim ever or just their first swim of the season with us! We get lots of failed jumps in, and tentative steps, but one of our favourite swimming techniques is something some of us lovingly call the Vizsla flail. This technique involves violently splashing the water with their upper body mostly out of the water. The Vizsla flail has proven to be a hilarious, but not very effective way to swim.

Blooper Photos!

So many dog photos means so many funny moments captured on camera!

Where did the German Shepherd go?

Molly pretending that everything is just fine..


Who are you mad at Stella?!

Brooks has ALL the sass

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