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Indoor Activities for Your Dog

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

This Winter has brought lots of cold weather and surely we haven’t seen the last of it! Getting outside is not a fun experience, but your dog still needs some exercise so what should you do? Luckily we have some games, exercises and DIY toys that you can play with your dog inside so you can tire them out mentally!

  1. Hide and Seek

To play hide and seek, place your dog in a sit stay anywhere in your house and go and hide somewhere (this might be hard at first if your dog doesn’t like to stay after they can’t see you, but they will figure it out!) or if someone else is home, you can have them hold the dog put. In the beginning it might be best to hide in an easy spot, like around the corner of a wall. Once you’ve found your spot use a release word like “OK come!” to encourage your dog to come find you! Keep encouraging your dog come find you and give them lots of praise when they do (you can do this with their favourite toys as well)! Bring them back to the place you started and go again!

2. DIY Food Puzzles

Everyone has recycling in their homes, but not everyone knows that your dog can make great use of it! One of the easiest food puzzles to make your dog only involves a juice jug and some food! Remove the label wrapping on the jug and remove the cap. Place some food or some healthy treats in the jug, shake it around a bit and let your dog go nuts! If they aren’t sure about what to do with it at first, you can shake a bit of food out for them so they know where it comes from.

3. Teach your dog some new tricks!

Every dog can expand their trick knowledge and it is extremely mentally tiring too! Cold days are perfect to brush up on your old tricks and learn some new ones to

o. Some cool ones to try are: getting their leash, turning lights on and off, putting away toys and so many more! We’d love to see your pictures and videos of new things you teach your dogs!

4. Leash work / Umbilical

Attach your dog to their leash and the leash to your waist and get to work! If you are cleaning the house or doing laundry or anything really, bring your dog along for the ride. They will love being included in your daily activities and feel like a part of what you are doing. This really gets their brain working!

We hope you get some inspiration for things to do with your dogs this winter. Remember that just because its cold, doesn’t mean that your dog doesn’t need exercise! If you have any other activities that you like to do with your dog, please share!

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