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The Basics of Dog CBD

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

First off, lets get this out of the way real quick. NO, CBD will not get your dog high. NO, you are not doping your dog up if you give them CBD. And NO, CBD is not pot, weed, marijuana, dope, mary jane, chronic, ganga, or the reefer.

While they may come from the same plant, the cannabis plant, this plant contains over 60 chemicals within it, called cannabinoids. While the cannabinoid we are most familiar with is THC, the chemical responsible for marijuana's psychological effects, CBD is an entirely separate cannabinoid to THC. CBD is packed with therapeutic effects, with none of the side effects of THC, i.e. getting high.

These therapeutic effects include:

Anti-inflammatory properties

Pain management

Tumor management and prevention

Seizures management and prevention

Muscle spasm management and prevention

Cure skin conditions

Appetite stimulation

Aggression, anxiety and neurological disorder management

What many people don't know is that our bodies, and our pets bodies, are already genetically wired with receptors for cannabinoids. These receptor sites are located primarily in the brain and central nervous system, peripheral organs, and immune cells. This is how CBD is able to enter into our systems.

Because of this, CBD is changing the game for hundreds of pets with issues like arthritis, anxiety, stress and aggression issues, and compromised immune systems.

It is even being used in post-operative care to reduce pain, stiffness, and swelling as well as to treat injuries like sprains, torn ligaments and bone breaks. Many veterinarians and pet owners even find that they are able to lower their dosage of prescribed drugs and medicines in combination with the therapeutic effects of CBD.

But CBD isn't just a product for pets that have ailments or issues. As human we try our best to eat healthy diets, balance our nutrition, and take a variety of supplements and vitamins to ensure we are running at our peak levels and to help prevent any future health concerns down the road. CBD does this exact same thing for our pets. Many of us give our animals fish oil, glucosamine, and a variety of other supplements to help keep their coats shinny, their joints in tact, and their hips away from the dreaded word *dysplasia*.

If we are so willing to shell out money on a laundry list of products like these, why are we not willing to try one product that could, and has, replaced the need for all of these products and even some medicines! Why isn't every pet on a product that can keep its joints limber, prevent muscles soreness, keep there skin and coats healthy and glossy, prevent heart disease, cancer, organ diseases, etc! Instead of treating our pets once they get sick, why don't we help prevent them from getting sick in the first place with such a simple thing like CBD oil.

With this being said, there are some important things to keep in mind when you're purchasing CBD for your pet.

1. Make sure you are buying a CBD oil that only uses organic plants in its composition. Non organic CBD oil could contain pesticides, fungicides, or solvents.

2. Don't just choose the least expensive brand. Higher quality CBD oil that is pure and of a high concentration of CBD will cost more, simple as that. Cheaper oils will contain additives and/or less CBD and so you will need to use more of it to see a comparable benefit. \

3. Stick to CBD oil. There are many treats and food products on the market that contain CBD in them, but CBD is best given to your pets in an oil/tincture form so that you can control and adjust your pet's dosage drop by drop.

Conveniently we sell CBD oil that ticks off all of these boxes! Pop on over to our K9 Store to try some today!

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