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Spring Cleaning (A short list of things we swear by as dog walkers and ultimately owners in the spri

It's that time of year again. Spring has sprung, the grass has rise. I wonder where all the mud is. As someone who walks packs of dogs on a daily basis i'm always on the lookout for mud, burrs, ticks, bugs, you name it. Anything thats going to turn that freshly groomed doodle I just picked up from his wonderfully white carpeted home into the black, leaf filled, burr tangled swamp monster that I know is lurking beneath the surface, waiting for his chance to burst out.

When that swamp does real his leaf filled head do yourself a favour. Don't try to conquer this beast at home unless you've got your hose turned on. Many a bathrooms have been decimated by the shake of the muddy bog dog. Instead, head on over to your local Pet Valu bath station. These things are MIRACLES! They've recently started retrofitting most of the stores chain wide to include baths in the stores and they are a god send to dog owners everywhere. There is no time limit, AND they provide all the shampoo, towels, blow dryer, and post-bath biscuits, for only 10 dollars. Thats right. 10 BUCKS!

(not every Pet Valu has them so make sure you google it up first or call ahead)

If you've decided to conquer the muddy beast at home, or your just doing a routine smelly-dog bath we all love using the Burt's Bees dog shampoo line. It's reasonably priced for a big old bottle, and it works wonders. Leaving your dog with a lovely clean smell, not overly perfumed like you find with a lot of the dog shampoos. As with all of their products, they are cruelty free, and contain no sulfates or colorants, just all-natural goodness to clean your stinky pooch up.

*Pro tip: keep a bottle of the puppy shampoo on hand for cleaning dogs face's and ear's.

In terms of keeping our houses clean, it's pretty common to find any variation of the Dirty Dog Mats at our doors, in our dogs kennels as crate pads, or even in our cars for some post-pack walk absorption. These things work wonders. While admittedly they cost a pretty penny, if you keep a watchful eye out the normally go on super sale at Pet Stores every couple of months. They've even got a line of towels that work amazing to dry off your muddy/wet pooch. We love these things, and so do our clients, with almost half of the dogs we walk having some sort of dirty dog matt or towel in their house.

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