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Tails from the Trails - The Brad Visit

When you get a gaggle of women and a boat load of dogs together you are sure to have some interesting adventures. Well it just so happens that our entire company is run by women and we work with of dogs, so our work life is one giant adventure! And while most of the time everything runs effortless and smoothly, every so often we are bound to run into some kind of hilarious snag or problem. From dog poop in our shoes to falling in giant mud puddles, we've just about experienced it all.

So recently we came up with the idea that instead of our normal informative blog posts we would take the "blog" in a different direction, and every two weeks we would share with you some funny stories from our dog walking adventures! Hence, Tails from the Trails!

For our first Tales from the Trails from the Trails post? The Brad Visit.

Way back when in May of 2017 we had our amazing friend and mentor Brad Pattison come round for his "yearly" visit. These visits are always marked by some sort of great doggy adventure, and while the weekends hikes were certainly memorable, it was when he joined us for a day of Complete K9 pack walks that took the cake. The first part of our Brad training started out pretty routine, routine as in a whole lot of very early morning running, surprise fake lost dog training exercises (I still haven't forgiven you for that mini heart attack Heidi!), and an actual lost phone.

What we didn't know was that the best had yet to come though, as in typical Brad fashion, instead of taking the clearly marked trail during our last training session he thought it would be wayyyyyy more fun (*sarcasm alert*) to sprint directly down the "hill" to an ever elusive grassy knoll down by the river. In typical Brad fashion he made it down set hill as if his feet had tiny wings attached to them, barely a speck of dirt or stumble to be seen. Kayla, Kelli and I had to opt for a more Tarzan approach, desperately grabbing at whatever tree would bear our weight so we didn't get bowled over by the thirty dogs running amok as if this was the best day of their lives. This worked until we got to the last "jump" that was more like a controlled fall of 8-10 feet. Not too bad for myself who's six feet tall. Not so good for Miss 5ftsomething Kayla. In a series of moves that could only be described as slip and slid mud addition I look back to find Kayla sliding over the edge of the mud jump, holding onto a branch that is no longer connected to anything. So I do what every good friend does and leaps at her grabbing her butt to try and slow her mud slide of a decent. So we make it to the bottom, Kayla is COVERED head to toe in mud all down her front, still trying to run and catch up with Brad, when we hear a squeal from the back of the group and all turn around to witness Kelli's glorious tumble into the grassy weedy mud water as one of her brand new "these are the best dog walking shoes ever" (direct Kelli quote from the days prior) gets stuck in the mud and sends her flying forward.

While we all made it down in one peice, I don't think i'l be trusting Brad's sense of direction any time soon ....

When brad comes to town you can always count on two things: you're going to get really dirty, and it's going to be really fun.

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