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Virtual Puppy School

Learn how to be the ultimate team with your K9 partner and create the most amazing bond, right from your own home. 

No treats, or masking - just you and your dog working together.

This is not just basic obedience; this is lifestyle training and it will change both your lives! 

How it works

Puppy's 8 weeks to 5 months

6 week class with pre-recorded video lessons

Initial consult to assess goals

Once a week private 30-minute check-ins

Weekly in person Social Walks

Homework and report card each week


$300 plus tax

Includes a martingale collar and 6-foot leash

*required for training

What it Covers

-Hands-free, non-treat, balanced training

-Basic obedience (sit, stay, come, down)

-Crate Training

-Safe Play and how to stop nipping

-Loose leash walking

-Intro to urban agility

-Safe management with stairs and doors

-Street Safety

-Socialization Tips and challenges

-Place (go to bed/patience)

-Basic Grooming (nail trimming, brushing, baths)

-Leave it and Out (release command)

-How to actively mentally stimulate and effectively tire your dog out

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Paw Prints
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