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Hilary's Pets: Damian the black cat, Nelson the Chocolate Lab and Miles the Chihuahua

Favourite Activities:  Hanging out with my cat Damian, reading a good book and going on road trips!

Fun Fact: I am the youngest pack walker on the Complete K9 team

Tory B

K9 Pack Leader+trainer

CTE - Certified Trainer Educator 

(2023 - annually certified by Brad Pattison)

Certified in Pet First Aid 

(2022 - Walks 'N' Wags Pet First Aid)

Tory's Pets: Max the Shih Tzu Bichon mix and Scraps & Sparky the rats

Favourite Activities: Hiking, camping, and lots of other outdoor activities! 

Fun Fact: I love to listen to true crime podcasts while picking up/ dropping off the pack walk pups


Hi I'm Tory and I'm a K9 Pack Leader! I originally planned to be a veterinary technician and even completed three semesters at Seneca college. I decided it wasn't how I wanted to work with animals; and that's when I found Complete K9! I started as a K9 Nanny, although quickly transitioned to K9 Pack Leader.

I have a family dog, Max, and my two rats, Scraps and Sparky. One day I would love to own my own dog, along with lots of other kinds of furry friends. Max loves coming along with me to meet all your wonderful pups!

I'm currently going to university for a major in psychology and hope to get my master's. It would be my dream to be able to work with animals as a way to help people overcome challenges in life!

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