Katie S

K9 Pack Leader

Certified in Pet First Aid 

(2022 - Walks 'N' Wags Pet First Aid)

Katie's Pets: Chato the rescue Chihuahua , Axolotls: Tarzan & Jack, and Cats: Axel & Diesel

Favourite Activities:  Going on walks, teaching Zumba!

Fun Fact: I'm a REMT - Registered Equine & Dog Massage Therapist too!


I have had the pleasure of being a part of Complete K9 since September 2021. This job has been a dream come true! I never believed that I would be so lucky to walk dogs for a living. It has brought me so much joy getting to spend time with so many different pups and learning their unique personalities. 

I have grown up with pets dogs and cats, but currently I have my little kitty Adora; fingers crossed I’ll bring home a puppy brother or sister to her soon!