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Sandy K

K9 Nanny 

Certified in Pet First Aid 

(2022 - Walks 'N' Wags Pet First Aid)

Sandy's Pets:  Piper the Golden and 2 of our adult children (+ their pets) still live with us, so I also help provide care for Chester the Golden & Gilligan the Beta fish

Favourite Activities: Relaxing at our family cottage in Turkey Point! 

Fun Fact: As a young child I was terrified of The Count on Sesame Street and would hide behind my father’s chair whenever he appeared!


I’ve been married to my husband Marcel for almost 30 years and we have 4 children; 2 boys and two girls, who are all now adults. Our family continues to grow as two of our kids have recently gotten married so we get to keep on doing life with the awesome people they have been dating for years!


I work part time as an administrative assistant for a small engineering consulting firm in Cambridge so I’m very fortunate to be able to take my dog Piper to both of my jobs.

Piper loves to go on hikes and is so happy when she is exploring off leash - I often joke that she would have been miserable if we wanted her to be well groomed for a life in the show ring!


I enjoy spending time with people, gardening, and reading, and I also keep busy volunteering on the board of a local organization that uses wilderness adventures to help develop leadership skills in young people.


Looking ahead in my role at Complete K9, I am interested in exploring the possibility of becoming a certified dog trainer. Someday, I also hope to volunteer with a pet therapy organization making visits with a therapy dog.

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