Sandy Kamutzki

K9 Nanny 


Sandy's Pets:  Piper the Golden

Favourite Activities: I love hiking and baking 

Fun Fact: I have webbed toes!

I joined the Complete K9 family in March 2018 and it has been an amazing journey so far! My whole life I have known that I had a special connection with dogs. When my parents got me my puppy Daisy at 8 years old I spent every second I could with her. I began training her while watching Brad Pattison's "At the End of my Leash" and it was so cool to find out afterwards that Complete K9 follows the same training! Growing up I always watched the neighborhood dogs and helped people when their dogs had bad manners. Daisy and I have been best friends for 11 years and we have recently began our newest adventure of being certified as a Therapy Dog Team! My love of animals does not end with dogs, I adopted a cat and have also fostered kittens with the KW Humane Society. In 2019 I started raising my first service puppy Jib! I have learned so much through my experience with him so far and look forward to helping make a difference in someone's life by training Jib to be an autism service dog. 

I believe that a connection with animals is such an important part of our lives and I am so excited to make that connection with your four-legged family members!